February 3, 2012

All American bail bonds Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its 6th office located in the city of Santa Clarita (Valencia).

The office is located at
23360 W. Valencia Blvd #E
Valencia, CA. 91355

The Santa Clarita Branch will be run by Inessa Manukyan (Vice President of Operations) and Lauren Chavez (Bail Agent) both of which were formally based out of the head office in Palmdale.

Inessa Manukyan has been with All American Bail Bonds since the company’s inception and was previously running the Palmdale Bail Bonds office of which now is being run by Lusine Mkrtchian (Office Manager) and Angela Vanesian (Bail Agent).
Inessa Manulyan has been working in the bail industry for over ten years, she started off in the industry as an office manager with L.A. Bail Bonds shortly getting her license there after; Inessa received her Bail Agents License in September 01.

Lauren Chavez has been with the company for over three years holding a bail agents license since February of 2009. Lauren is formally from Long Beach Ca and was recruited for her excellent people skills, and ferocious desire to succeed. Lauren is also on her way to degree in Criminal Law, once achieved, she wishes to drop her bail license in pursuit of being a public defender with the Los Angeles county public defenders office.

The Principle Officers had elected to open up the new Santa Clarita Branch after careful consideration over the last 12 months. The company was considering many locations throughout the Santa Clarita Valley but ultimately they decided on the location at 23360 W Valencia Blvd # E Valencia, Ca. 91355. The current location was chosen because of its proximity to both the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station and the Los Angeles County Court House. All American Bail Bonds has been operating for over 12 years and currently writes for two surety companies A.I.A. (out of Calabasas) and American Contractors (out of Los Angeles). All American bail bonds is a fully independent bail bonding business with a writing authority of  $500,000.00 dollars and it maintains its own in house collection company, legal department with additional staff out of Los Angeles, and fully licensed fugitive recovery agents located in Lancaster, the San Fernando Valley and Long Beach. All American Bail Bonds is also an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are members of the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA).

If you have any questions pertaining to All American Bail Bonds inc. please contact
Paul Bradley @ 866-411-9273



February 3, 2012
All American Bail Bonds is proud to announce that it will be offering free basic notary service for all Bail Clients from the beginning date of the contract and up to one year from exoneration of bail bond.
Bail Clients who are in need of a notary can come to any one of the six local bail bonding offices for free notary.
Bail Clients must come during regular office house hours and it is requested that you call ahead for an appointment. If you need an after hours notary additional charges may apply and for our mobile notary service travel expenses will be applied.
The following is a list of All American Bail Bonding offices and their office hours for notary services:
37167 N. Sierra Hwy #C 
Palmdale Ca. 93550
Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm
23360 W. Valencia Blvd #E
Valencia, Ca. 91355
Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm
11526 Burbank Blvd #20
North Hollywood Ca. 91601
Call for Appointment
5517 Del Amo Blvd 
Lakewood Ca. 90713
Call for Appointment
421 W. Broadway #2106
Long Beach Ca. 90802
Call for Appointment
2230 W. Chapman #116
Orange, Ca. 92868
Call for Appointment
If you have any questions pertaining to All American Bail Bonds inc. please contact Paul Bradley @866-411-9273

LEGAL Bail Percentage rate in California

January 5, 2012
We at All American Bail Bondshave been conducting bail for over ten years and we always seem to get the same questions, due to misconceptions regarding our industry.the common misconception is that we the bail bondsman have the ability to negotiate below the legal percentage rate set by law, the set rate that all bail bondman are required to charge. The legal percentage in California is no more than 10% but no less than 8% under certain restrictions.

Below are some common questions are client services receive and the appropriate answers.

Q. I called another company who said they charge 3%, why are you charging more?

A. What that company is doing is illegal, it’s better known as bait and switch. What their trying to do is get you in the front door and than they drop on you your remaining balance of 7% more. Not cool, but we get this complaint often.

Q. Why can’t you charge what ever you want?

A. We as bail bondsman are licensed bail agents AKA Insurance agents licensed through the department of insurance. The department of insurance dictates by law the legal limits of a bond, bail or other, may cost. If a company charges less than the legal limits they are not only breaking the law but also performing in a matter in which you should question their integrity.

Q. What is the Zero Down Bail Program and how much interest do you charge.

A. The Zero Down (No money down programs) are normally based on the guarantee given through the indemnitor. What this means is basically we look at the financial stability, of the indemnitor, such as job history, credit, or even collateral.

As far as interest is concerned, it is illegal for a bail bonding company to charge more than the set rate, such as interest. We as bail bondsman are not a finance company.

Please Note: A Bail Bonding Service can legally charge additional fees such as “agent fees” for travel, notary, or any additional service in addition to their jobs as bail agents.

Personal Note: The additional fees are highly Negotiable, due to the nature of our competitiveness. If you ask, many of these fees may be waived.

Q. What is the lowest legal rate for a Bail Bond?

A. As per Proposition 103 the lowest legal rate that any one Bail Bonding company can charge is 8%, anything less is ILLEGAL.

Please review the California Department of Insurances web site for  their definition.

Q. What if I don’t pay, What will happen?

A. The department of insurance has ruled that bail bonding company’s can no longer revoke bond when any portion of the bail bond has been paid unless full refund has been given. In other words, non pay of a bail bond turns into a civil matter and if the company revokes the bail bond than the client may be entitled to full return of bail premium.

Please Note: This is a very tricky situation, We at All American Bail Bonds Corporate have a strict policy against the revocation of a bail bond for non pay, but I have had other people tell us that it happened to their loved ones. The bail bonding company isn’t going to say they revoked the bail bond for non pay, their going to make up some of other excuse as to why they performed in the manner they did. If you find yourself in the position of a revoked bond, with no just cause, than you have the right to have the bondsman come to the court and explain his or her actions. Ask your attorney for more information on how to get the bail agent into court.

If you find yourself in a position that you require advice from a bail bondsman please give us a call. You can reach one of our Professional, Licensed Bail Agents 24 hours a day at 866-743-8688.


January 4, 2012
No matter where you live if that state has private bail bonding company’s, than I can assure you there are several.

We at All American Bail Bonds have been working in the bail industry for over a decade and in fact pushing 2 decades. We have seen so many company’s come and go it ‘s actually quite humorous. These individuals get into the industry because it is a lucrative industry to work in; people can make a small fortune or they can lose big.

Because our industry is a cash business you will find not one not two but several shady organizations or individuals looking to make that Dollar.God forbid, you ever find yourself in need of a bail bondsman but if you do this article is for you!

How to locate a credible bail bondsman? In todays digital age it seems like everyone looks to the internet or more specifically Google, MSN, or Yahoo. Now a days you can simply go to the search engine and simply put the key words “Bail Bonds” and you’ll get a plethora of choices most of which will have a fancy website with bogus reviews and address locations that don’t even exists.

Another option to find a credible bail bonding company is the phone book, but really who still uses the phone book for anything now a days?, believe it or not the phone book is a great place to find a credible company. The reason we have found that phone book still work is that the company’s who have been in business the longest, which means they probably do the best business, still will advertise in the paper media knowing they can reach the largest audience in addition to the world wide web.

The following can be used for researching company’s either online or in a phone book, most of the following more relates to searching online.

  1. When researching a company always check that the company has a valid insurance license in the state that you require their services. In California you want to go to the California department of Insurance, which can be located at Simply put in the name or license of the agent your checking and if there is in the system you’ll get a hit. If you do get a valid hit check to make sure that the company has no negative history and if they do than you may want look into another company.
  2. Check on the company’s address! This is a big problem with bonding company’s advertising here in Los Angeles. Any city you type in you get a list of offices for companies who claim to operate in that city, but in fact there mostly bogus. Try it, go to Google and type in Palmdale Ca Bail Bonds (where All American Bail Bonds corporate office is located). Now take any company and go to the department of insurances web site and enter the company’s license number, If their legitimate than they should have a license number listed on their website.
  3. Once you have found a company that you wish to use call them and begin to the ask the questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the company that your calling all the questions you like, we work for you and if you don’t feel comfortable with that company than it’s time to call someone else.
  4. Once you have found the company you want use and you have agreed upon the payments and percentage rate than go to their local office and begin the paperwork. Here in California all the paperwork that you do has been approved by the Department of Insurance and much of it might feel unnecessary because of its redundancy but that’s for your protection. We want to make sure that you have a complete understanding of what your signing. We never want to hear clients say that they didn’t know what to expect or didn’t understand.                                    WHAT IS THE LEGAL RATE IN CALIFORNIA?
  5. Once the paperwork is completed, the agent has done everything required by law and its surety, the agent will post the bond on the cleared inmate and await their release for further paperwork.
Now hopefully everything has gone the way its suppose to, you’ll loved one should be out of jail with a future court date and everyone is happy. But what do you do if the bail agent doesn’t perform to your expectations.
If you find yourself in a position where your unhappy with bail agent performance, whether it be that the agent mislead you or possibly revoked a bond without just cause, than you need to contact the Department of insurance in that state and lodge a formal complaint. I can tell you here in California we never want to here  a complaint from the Department and the mear threat alone maybe enough to get you the desired result.
If you find yourself in position that you require advice regarding a bad bail experience, we would love to help. Feel free to call one of our licensed professional bail agents at 866-743-8688.

Signature Bond Defined, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach Ca

March 25, 2011
This Portion is written by All American Bail Bonds Customer Service @ 866-743-8688

The second part of Bail Bonds Terms defined.

We will give those interested a brief definition of what the term “Signature Bond” means.

A signature bond is basically a bond written with no collateral.
Instead, a good signer (indemnitor) whose guarantying the bond.
It should be mentioned that a signature bond may also be called a no collateral bond.

The following are answers to a few questions received during a recent focus group on Bail Bonds

Do all companies offer signature bonds?

We have found that most of the larger companies do write signature bonds but their requirements and limitations usually vary.

What are the most common requirements for a signature bond to be written?

We can only speak for our company; our requirements always vary depending on the dollar amount of the bond as well as the charges that the defendant is being charged.

We at All American Bail Bonds will often look at employment, credit or a combination of the two to determine if a signature bond is to be approved.

Off the record:
Being an agent myself for a couple of years with this company I can tell you that All American Bail Bonds follows a strict guideline “If You Work You Bail,” as the saying goes. As a larger company dedicated to customer service and promoting a positive image of the bail bonding industry All American Bail Bonds will do everything within reason to get your bond approved without any or very little collateral.

Can the person in jail (defendant) qualify for a signature bond himself without the additional help of anyone else?

This is a tough one to answer with a yes or no; in order for the defendant to qualify with a signature bond only, we would have to look at not only the charges but as well as the defendants criminal history, job history, and credit history.

It should be noted that All American Bail Bonds will usually avoid writing a signature bond only when there are no other individuals or collateral involved in the security of the bail bond. The company has approved these types of bonds but normally will look for other signers.

With Signature Bonds can we still do payment plans if the full percentage is not an option?

All American Bail Bonds prides itself on its policy of the “bail now pay later” program.

Of course in order to qualify for a signature bond with no money down the company will require solid co-signers whose good name will be used to guarantee not only the bail premium but as well as the full face value of the bond.

We hope this information has been helpful, as the days go by we will continue to write additional blogs to better help the public understand the bail bond industry.

“Because You Have the Right to Bail”
For General Information on Bail Bonds and how Bail Bonds work or a Bail Bonds Service near you please visit:

For information on jails and courts throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties please visit

Bond Exoneration Document Defined, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

March 25, 2011
It has come to our attention at All American Bail Bonds that there are many terms in the bail industry that people are unclear on, such as “bond exonerated.”

The following information was put together to help clear up those questions, please enjoy!

When you bail someone out through a licensed and accredited bail bondsman there will be certain things required of you to present to the bonding company once the defendants case has been concluded. The most important item you will be required to produce will be the bail bond exoneration certificate. The bond exoneration form may have more than one name. For example, some may call it “a certificate of discharge” as well as bond exoneration document, or you may be able to get a certified copy of the minute order. Whichever one of these forms you choose to get it needs to be certified by the court clerk, and it has to include the bond number, name of the bonding company as well as the surety. This form is the official court document that shows that the liability of the surety and the bonding company for the bond written has ended.

Please note: It is common practice for bail bonding companies to charge a fee of up to $250 for sending an agent to pick up the document from court. Every company that we have spoken with has told us that they have some fee written into the contract for those individuals who fail to obtain the document themselves. It should be mentioned that if you have hired private council (attorney) they themselves may obtain all necessary document from the court clerk’s office.

Below are some common questions that we have received in a recent focus group:

Why do we (client) have to produce the document?

Bail Bonding companies are in an essence using someone else’s money (surety or insurance company) to guarantee the full face value of the bond. When the bond gets exonerated the surety requires the bonding company to send in the certificate of exoneration to remove the liability from their name. Especially, when you have collateral, the surety will not release the collateral until they receive the exoneration of bond.

Where do we (client) get the exoneration of bond document?

The exoneration of bond document should be obtained from the criminal clerk’s window in the courthouse to which the case was heard.

If we (client) are willing to pay the additional fees can we just let the bonding company pick up the required document for us?

Yes! The document required is a public document and anyone can pick it up, including your bail bondsman.

What if I (client) don’t pick it up what will happen to me?

You will be charged a fee and if you fail to pay, then your file will go into collections.

Please Note:
If there is collateral for the bail bond, it will not be returned until the exoneration has been received, and of course all fees have been paid.

“Because You Have the Right to Bail”

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What if I bail someone out, Things you should know before using a bail bonds service, By Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles

March 25, 2011

We at All American Bail Bonds decided to write this article after we received similar questions from a group of people we spoke to during one of our question and answer focus groups. The people we spoke to have all bailed out loved ones in the past, some have used our services, others our competition such as Aladdin, Absolute and Lipstick Bail Bonds just to name a few. We took all the questions we received and put together this small blog entry to help address the public’s most important questions on bail.

Q. 1.

Why do we have to put up collateral and if we do why do we have to sign a deed of trust?


Collateral is not always required!, Being a larger more active company we have compiled history of good and bad bail. We have found that through proper negotiating we have been able to secure many of our bonds without the requirement of collateral. Many of the smaller bonds we may write will often not need collateral and are written as a “Signature Bond.”

For those bonds that we find are of a higher risk we may require collateral in the form of a pink slip or real property. If real Property is taken we the Bail Bonding Company will require a Deed of Trust, for the deed of trust is how we secure the bond itself ensuring that our investment in the bond is guaranteed.

SIDE NOTE: If a deed of trust has been taken as collateral you are basically putting up a property (home) as a guarantee that the defendant will appear in court each and every time. If the defendant fails to appear in court and we, the bonding company, are unable to locate the defendantto get him back to court then you may lose your property to cover the face value of the bond written plus all applicable “bounty hunting” fees or legal cost.

Q. 2.

If I put my property up as collateral and a lien is placed on said property, how do I have the lien removed?


Once the defendant completes his/her court obligations and the bond is “Exonerated,” you will be required to go to the courthouse, clerks window and get the exoneration of bond document or a certified copy of the minute order showing that the liability to the bail bonding company has been concluded. It is your responsibility to get the form to your bail bonding company and request for the lien to be removed.

Please Note:

The bonding company will NOT remove the lien until they have received the OFFICIAL verification the bond has been exonerated; also the bonding company may require an additional fee before they can remove the lien, “lien removal fee.”

Once the exoneration of bond has been received and all contractual fees have been paid you will receive a “Full Reconveyance” usually within 30 days.

Please Note:

We at All American Bail Bonds have found that we could send out the reconveyance usually in less than 7 days.


A common misconception we heard within our focus group was the belief that once the bond is exonerated we receive our money back for the bond, this of course is incorrect.

The bail bonding company does not receive its money back once the bond is exonerated and even if the case is never filed the person who guarantees the premium is still responsible to pay the remaining balance until Paid off.

Q. 3.

What are the legal percentages that a bonding company may charge and can they negotiate whatever dollar amount that they want?


First of all, the lowest legal limit that a bonding company may charge is based on their surety’s filed rate with the California Department of Insurance. What we have found, here in California, the lowest legal limit is 8%and the maximum one can charge would be 15% up to $10,000, and not over.

For the most part, the maximum you will find will be no more than 10%, if you are charged a greater bail premium than 10% you should contact the department of insurance immediately.


The Bail Bond business is a cash business and and with any cash business you will find “shady” companies.

If you find yourself in need of bail and you come across someone walking around a local jail or court facility offering to “discount” a bail bond, charge less than 8% which is the lowest legal limit, then we advise you to be very cautious and ask for their bail license and the name of their company. What we have found is that there are many individuals around local jail and court facilities who do offer illegal discounts who are not even licensed bail agents and in fact are no more than crooks themselves trying to steal from the unaware or naive.


Never exchange cash in public unless you feel 110% confident that you are dealing with a licensed and accredited bail agent. We are seeing more people trying to steal from clients who are in need of a bail bondsman and are not properly educated on how bail works.

Q. 4.

What happens if the person I bail out “fails to appear” and the bonding company is unable to find him/her, the “fugitive?”


In California if a bail bonding company is unable to locate the client within a maximum of 360 days from the forfeiture of the bail bond, the bail bonding company will have no other option but to pay the court the full face value of the bond written plus all applicable court anfd legal fees.


The court will charge additional fees on top of the forfeited dollar amount!

If the bail bonding company is forced to pay the bond amount, plus fees, you the guarantor of the bond will be charged in turn for all fees that you have contractually guaranteed.

All American Bail Bonds has been conducting business for many years and never once have we not received full compensation for a forfeited bond that written correctly.


Now the above four questions might seem like common knowledge to some, but what are home work shows is that the average “good citizen” doesn’t have a real good idea of how this whole crazy bail process works.


To all the bail agents, no.……Bail Bondsman out there, we not only have a legal responsibility to the people that rely on us for the bailing out of their loved ones, we also have a moral obligation to do the “wright thing.”

I, no name necessary, have been writing bail for a lot of years, and I have met any number of good honest bail bondsman, and unfortunately have met more dishonest bail bondsman than honest. I have seen more shady bondsman and more shady going-ons’ and heard more horror stories than I would like to admit. We at All American Bail Bonds as a Bail Bonding Company have made multiple attempts to improve our industry and still have our fingers crossed that we the good guys can work together to rid Los Angeles of all those “bad Actors.” I guess we’ll just keep on trying!!

“Because You Have the Right to Bail”

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Long Beach Police Department positions to be saved! By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

March 16, 2011

Long Beach- A dozen or more positions could be saved from the up to 76  possible that could be cut do to a city budget crisis.

During a meeting of the City Council’s Budget Oversight Committee at City Hall, Director if Financial Management said that the cutting the proposed Long Beach Police Department academy for the 2011 year could save the city $1.5 million dollars.

4th District Councilman Patrick O’Donnell said “The proposition of laying off and then three months later starting an academy is darn foolish.” Councilman Patrick O’Donnell is a member of the committee along with 3rd District Councilman Gary DeLong and 2nd District Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal.

Lori Ann Farrell, who is the Director of Financial Management said that more than 20 Police officers could

potentially be laid off because of planned cuts to help eliminate an $18.5 million general fund deficit.

Braden Phillips who is the Bureau Chief of  Police Administration Bureau  said that he didn’t yet know exactly how many positions the $1.5 million would save, but that likely one sergeant and 11 police officers would be preserved.

City Manager Pat West’s proposed budget calls for “Plan A” cuts and more draconian “Plan B” cuts, which would be necessary only if city employee associations don’t agree to freeze their pay.

Plan B appears to be a growing certainty, especially for the police, whose association president has said officers aren’t going to forgo their pay raises. Mayor Bob Foster told the Press-Telegram Tuesday that Plan B cuts “are going to go ahead” without contract concessions.

The Plan A police cuts would eliminate 27 sworn police positions, which are all vacant, and outsource school crossing guards, along with a few other cuts to save $3.8 million.

The Plan B police budget would cut 44 patrol officers and five patrol sergeants and their vehicles to save $6 million.

The $1.5 million police academy funding had been placed among the Plan B reductions to give the council another savings option, but it isn’t necessary to make up for the police officers’ pay raises, Farrell said.

This article was originally posted on 9/08/10 by the Press Telegram, We at All American Bail Bonds felt it was relevant to our commitment to post information on Bail Bonds and Law Enforcement.

If you are in need of a bail bondsman in Long Beach or any of the surrounding cities please give us a call at 562-867-7900 or check us out at

Long Beach Police Department Contact Information, By Bail Bondsman in Long Beach

March 16, 2011

Please Note all Numbers are (562) area code.

EMERGENCY 911 24 hours

POLICE DISPATCH 435-6711 24 Hours

GENERAL INFORMATION 570-7260 24 hours

Graffiti Removal/Hotline 570-2773 24 hours


Office of the Chief of Police 570-7301 8am-5pm

Internal Affairs 570-7343 7am-6pm

Media Relations 570-5273 8am-5pm


Financial Management Division 570-5668 8am-5pm

Personnel Division 570-7120 8am-5pm

Volunteers 570-5299 8am-5pm

Records and Technology Division

Records Inquiry Desk 570-7381 M-F 7am-7:30pm Sat. 9am-1pm

(Closed Last Sat. of Every Month)

Auto Records 570-7475 24 Hours


Detective Division 570-7218 7am-6pm

Auto Theft 570-7362 7am-6pm

Burglary 570-7351 7am-6pm

Computer Crimes 570-7223 7am-6pm

Forgery/Fraud 570-7330 7am-6pm

Identity Theft 570-7602 7am-6pm

Labor Relations 570-7219 8am-6pm

Permits/Licensing 570-7219 8am-6pm

Vice Section 570-7219 8am-6pm

Family Services Division

Child Abuse 570-7321 7am-6pm

Domestic Violence 570-7277 7am-6pm

Sex Crimes 570-7368 7am-6pm

Forensic Science Services Division 570-7701 8am-5pm

Bicycle Warehouse 570-1075 12pm-4:30pm

Property Detail 570-7660 6:30am-5pm

Gang & Violent Crimes Division 570-5529 7am-6pm

C-CAT 570-7231 7am-6pm

Gang Section 570-7370 7am-6pm

Homicide 570-7244 7am-6pm

Narcotics (Complaints) 570-7221 7am-6pm

Narcotics (24 Hour Hotline) 570-7125 24 Hours

Robbery 570-7464 7am-6pm

Violent Crimes 570-7250 7am-6pm

Youth Services Division 570-1425 24 Hours

Missing Person Reports 570-1425 24 Hours

PATROL BUREAU-570-7214 8am-5pm

South Patrol Division (Headquarters) – 400 W. Broadway 570-7260 24 hours

North Patrol Division – 4891 Atlantic Avenue 570-9800 Call for hours

East Patrol Division – 4800 Los Coyotes Diagonal 570-5880 Call for hours

West Patrol Division – 1835 Santa Fe 570-3400 Call for hours

Field Support Division

Accident Investigations 570-7355 7am-6pm

Marine Patrol 570-3246 8am-5pm

Reserves 570-7338 7am-6pm


570-7209 8am-5pm

Crime Prevention / Neighborhood Watch

570-7229 8am-5pm

Resource/Community Policing Center

1320 Gaviota Ave 570-1691 9am-5pm

1004 E. 7th St. 570-1114 9am-5pm

910 Daisy Ave. 570-1146 9am-5pm

2023 Pacific Ave. 570-1100 9am-5pm

SUPPORT BUREAU-570-7342 8am-5pm

Jail and Arrest Information 570-7260 or 570-7320 24 Hours

Bail Bonding Company

All Amerian Bail Bonds 562-867-7900

Eco-Bail Bonds 562-435-6777

Police Academy/Training 570-5890 7am-5pm

Lancaster Sheriffs Deputy shot at in Lancaster Ca, By Bail Bondsman in Lancaster

March 16, 2011

It has been reported that on October 30 2010, a Sheriffs Deputy was allegedly shot at by two individuals while the Deputy was attempting to turn around his marked sheriffs car. The deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a car for not having a front license plate (a vehicle code violation), near 10th Street West and Jackman Avenue, Lancaster Ca.
After the shots were heard and the muzzle flash was seen, the Deputy was able to call in the incident requesting immediate support as well as a containment area to be created.

The suspects quickly sped off and were captured shortly there after while attempting to flee the containment area. Two Suspects were taken into custody,
Suspects under arrest:

Christopher Orlando Pinn, male Black, 25 years old, resident of Lancaster, gang member on parole

Shayla Janelle Harper, female Black, 26 years old, resident of Lancaster.

Harper has been released and Pinn who is currently being held at Los Angeles County Jail with a Parole Hold and $2,000,000 Dollar Bail. Pinns next court date will be on November 16 at Lancaster Court House in the Antelope Valley.

All American Bail Bonds is happy to write that the deputy was not injured and the final arrest occurred without incident.

If you are in need of a Bail Bonds Service in Lancaster or Palmdale Please visit All American Bail Bonds at

For more information please contact the Lancaster Sheriff Station or the Los Angeles County Sheriffis Department.